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Welcome to Magical Girls Website!

Welcome to my website devoted to Toei & Studio Pierrot magical girls. This website is for all the magical girls lovers. I always loved the magical girls anime series, that's why I decided to make this site. Also to show you the things I have collected through the years, like books, cd, dvd and so on...

Thank you for visiting and have fun surfing around!!

All images are for illustrative purposes only!

*** Updates ***

24.08.2020 New section: Majokko Magazines. Minky Momo: Videogames.
20.08.2020 Creamy Mami: 57 images (Zutto Kitto Motto)
18.08.2020 Creamy Mami: 243 images (Long Goodbye).
16.08.2020 Creamy Mami: 80 coloring sheets. Minky Momo: 18 coloring sheets.
10.08.2020 Creamy Mami no Otogibanashi picture drama gallery.
08.08.2020 My collection: added new items. Akkochan: 22 coloring sheets.
06.08.2020 Extra bonus: 77 new images.
05.08.2020 Extra bonus: 25 new images.
04.08.2020 Akkochan: 23 new images, 11 fan arts. Adesugata: 11 settei and 15 storyboards. A new section for the Extra Bonus with 38 images.
07.2020 Creamy Mami: 227 images from dvd, 23 new gifs. Pelsia: 16 settei, 12 new gifs. Your Collections: 23 pictures. Akkochan: 27 settei, 97 images in all sections. Minky Momo: 27 goods. LunLun: 28 images. Wallpapers: 8 new. Updated my artbooks and manga collection.
06.2020 New section for Akemi Takada illustrations. Meg: 20 new settei. Creamy Mami: 88 new sketches & settei, 112 images in Futari no rondo. Minky Momo: 107 settei.
03.2020 Creamy Mami: added 75 new special images.
2019 399 images, 201 gifs, 4 multimedial files,
734 fan arts, 274 fanzine images, 15 wallpapers,
570 goods


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