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2009 News

15.12.2009 Added new pages for Pastel Yumi, Akko-chan and Fancy Lala gifs.

11.12.2009 Added a new gallery with the pictures of the exhibition at the Suginami Museum.

10.12.2009 New Christmas layout.

19.11.2009 My collection: Lalabel dvd boxes and new goods in Various Items.

09.11.2009 My collection: finally I have the beautiful Creamy Mami Gothic Lolita !

06.11.2009 My collection: other new items just arrived, books and gadgets.

22.09.2009 My collection: added some new items.

05.09.2009 Creamy Mami: added 6 new gifs.

21.07.2009 Creamy Mami: added 19 cels. Pelsia: added 14 cels.

16.07.2009 My collection: added 1 new book and 6 items in various. Blog: updated.

12.07.2009 Creamy Mami: added 83 new items in Goods.

10.07.2009 Blog: latest news from japan.

30.06.2009 Creamy Mami: added 32 cels. Pelsia: added 12 cels. Magical Emi: added 11 cels. Pastel Yumi: added 5 cels.

Lalabel: added 5 cels. Minky Momo: added 4 cels. Sweetmint: added 35 cels. Added 1 new affiliated.

17.06.2009 My collection: added 1 book and 1 cd. I had to delete some links, after months they didn't put my banner on their homepages.

12.05.2009 Creamy Mami: added 24 new scans in Other Images.

09.05.2009 Creamy Mami: added 1 new image in Other Images, 2 action figures in My Various Items and 1 new gif made by me.

16.04.2009 Minky Momo: 14 new special images, new goods and original artworks.

12.04.2009 Latest news from Japan in Blog.

30.03.2009 My collection: added 1 pencilboard of Creamy Mami, 1 folder, 1 strap for mobile phone and 1 record of magical Emi.

18.03.2009 Blog: Creamy Mami new gadgets (part 2).

13.03.2009 Lalabel: added 48 cels.

11.03.2009 Akkochan: added 23 cels. Minky Momo: :added 114 cels.

10.03.2009 Pastel Yumi: added 40 cels.

09.03.2009 Fancy Lala: added 59 cels.

08.03.2009 Magical Emi: added 61 cels.

07.03.2009 Pelsia: added 143 cels.

06.03.2009 Creamy Mami: Added 3 images (other images), 1 new gif and 2 new gadgets in my collection (various items)

03.03.2009 Created a new section for magical Emi sketches and settei. Added new gifs of Pelsia.

02.03.2009 Added 16 new images of Creamy Mami in other images.

28.02.2009 Added some new images in magical Emi galleries.

15.02.2009 Added a new book in my collections.

14.02.2009 Added in the news from japan a beautiful image of the new pvc model of Creamy Mami, an exclusive of my site !

31.01.2009 11.000 Hits !!! Thank you very much my friends !

23.01.2009 Added a new cd in my collection and a new affiliated.

20.01.2009 Just came back from Japan and I found out that my site won the 2008 Contest !!!!! Wow ! Added a new affiliated.


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